Oops... What have I done?

I know what you're thinking...

Another jerk talking about how much he made online...

He's probably trying to get me to buy a bazillion-dollar course about how to sell courses to people who want to sell courses.


Maybe I'm the only one...

Here's how it happened for me (so you don't have to watch a 3-hour webinar):

I learned something.

I got a job.

What I was doing didn't pay enough for an Earthling.

I started a business.

It sucked.

I moved online.

It was hard.

I learned marketing. (mind blown?)

It was awesome.

I'll skip the sob story about how I was in serious debt, sleeping on half a couch in my friend's one-room apartment that was shared between four people, wearing his clothes, and eating apples instead of meals.

That's not me anymore.

Listen, I'm dumber than most people...

But constantly learning and improving allows you to outwit the "geniuses" who claim to know everything.

Who needs to worship "gurus" when you have your own brain and determination?

(marketing automations definitely help, though)

Who needs a Ferrari when you can take your daughter to school in an Adidas hoodie?

Side note:

I seriously hate buying new clothes...

So I've been wearing the same clothes for like 3 years straight.

I should probably shower more.

When I hit a milli I bought a warm jacket.

I wore that bad boy when I traveled to Argentina, Serbia, Mexico, and Russia to meet with clients, fans, and friends.

Thanks to my 42,000+ customers, 360,000 YouTube subscribers, 550,000 Facebook Page followers, and my trusty team of marketing automations to do the heavy lifting...

I've finally made it to the big leagues...

Of people who don't have to worry about overdraft fees.

(Look at that, I've learned how to brag too!)

I guess if I have one important message to share with you today, it's this:

You don't have to be the smartest person in the room.

Just be the one who never gives up, wears a killer hoodie, and has a solid team in your corner.

Big thanks to everyone for your support!

Here's to your success,

Life After A Million